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MCM Yacht craddle - type MCM-003


Why another yacht storage cradle ?

bulletThe MCM yacht Cradles were developed after an extensive investigation of the readily available yacht support cradles. A great deal of significance was placed on the comments and advice of marina employees who worked with cradles on a regular basis. In particular, we focused on their descriptions of shortcomings, as well as ideas, and recommandations for improvement of the existing designs. Over a period of several years we observed the handling and use characteristics of various types of support devices.
bulletThe final result is the MCM YACHT CRADLE. A significantly improved design that incorporates the best of the existing devices while minimizing their negative points.


Particular areas of improvement include but are by no means limited to:

bulletIncreased stability in high wind conditions, particularly when yachts are stored with standing masts.
bulletSingle handed operation during SetUp, Forklift Transportation, and Storage.
bulletNo need for tools.
bulletCradles fold flat and are easily stacked for space efficiency in the off season.
bulletEase of transport by forklift.
bulletHot galvanized for rust protection in the harsh marine environment.


MCM Cradle Specifications:

bulletThe MCM Yacht Cradle consists of a fully welded rectangular, highly stable, rigid box frame with the four corners diagonaly welded to give extra strenght.
bulletFrame tube dimensions:
bullet9 100 x 100 x 4mm
bulletFor ease of pick up and transportation, the MCM Cradles are provided on one side with two parallel channel guides for the forklift blades.
bulletMCM BER CRADLE BOOTSTOELMCM CRADLES are provided with coarse and fine adjustable telescoping support props to accommodate the wide range of hull design and draft found in today’s marinas. (Models MCM-001 and MCM-002 are equipped with (4) four props, while model MCM-003 is equipped with (6) six).
bulletFor ease of loading or unloading yachts, the MCM Cradles props can be raised to the vertical position where over center locks prevent movement. For absolute safety, vertical props are braced in the longitudinal and transverse axis. The transverse brace is adjustable to accommodate various hull shapes. Vertical props fold flat for ease of stacking and storage when the cradle is not in use.
bulletThe support pads are fully adjustable and can easily be removed from the props. The pads are curved to provide maximum contact and support to the hull. In addition each pad contact surface is covered with a weather resistant material to protect against marring the hull surface.
bulletFor convince, supplementary lifting points are provided on the four corners of the frame.
bulletAll moving braces and props are provided with easily installed and removed safety pins.
bulletMCM YACHT CRADLE BOOTSTOEL BERAll props and support pads easily fold flat to facilitate stacking. To prevent possible damage to folded components, guide and separation mountings are installed on each cradle. These provide a guaranteed minimum safe distance between cradles when stacked and prevent sliding or movement when transported.
bulletTo prevent lateral movement in high wind conditions, Keel support is provided by a 30 cm wide steel U-Beam running the full length of the MCM Cradle. Additionally, drainage holes have been provided to prevent standing water collection and reduce subsequent corrosion potential.
bulletThe cradle is constructed of high quality, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel.
bulletOnce the yacht is brought above the cradle, fine positionning may be necessary. For easy movement in all directions under the yacht, the MCM Cradle can be equiped with optional wheel-units which are quickly installed and removed.


Prijzen (ex BTW & Transport in Eur)

Beschrijving MCM-001 MCM-002 MCM-003
Frame dimensions in meters 2.5 x 2.0 3.5 x 2.5 4.0 x 3.0
Approximate weight in kg 265 325 405
Props 4 4 6
Max boat lenght - approximately 7.5 9 15
Max boat draft - approximately 1.6 2.4 2.4
Max boat all up weight - approximately < 3T < 5T < 18 T
Price per unit      
Price per unit (min order 50)      
Price per unit (min order 100)      


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